Our Packaging

REcycle -> Reuse -> Reduce

Our products are packaged in Glass Jars and PET Plastic Packaging - polyethylene terephthalate is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging option.

These lightweight PET packaging require fewer raw materials to produce, less fuel for transport and are still completely recyclable. The best thing is our meticulously handcrafted products are packaged in Malaysian made bottles and jars! Talk about homegrown!!

We are also offering returning your empties for RM 2 off the next purchase. The empties can be returned at our outlet in Elfrescho Juicery or at any of our bazaars - stay tuned when we announce the locations.

What do we do with the returned empties? - The PET plastic bottle we send them to recycling centers, to be recycled of course! We don't reuse the plastic bottles except the glass jars. The glass jars will be cleaned and sterilized prior to reuse.

How we pack? - We wrap our products in honeycomb paper wrappers which replaces the use of bubblewrap which is entirely eco friendly and recyclable. These honeycomb paper wrappers are made from recycled cardboards no doubt we had to import this from the USA but it's totally worth it.

We have directly reduced the use of plastic bags and bubble wrap entirely with this option. And it also makes a great gift option without having to purchase fancy wrapping papers.